SUPPORT OUR PETITION: Repair Rhodes Statue : Safeguard All Cape Memorials NOW

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Repair Rhodes’s Head back onto Statue at Rhodes Memorial Now.

The Cultural History of Cape Town is incredibly rich and diverse, so to are its buildings, monuments and memorials – that record the Cape’s unique history. We object to the removal, damage and vandalism to any of these monuments. Removal of monuments translates to the contributing to a censorship or ‘Cancel Culture’ of SA Colourful Past and Values. Willful damage and vandalism to monuments would be considered tantamount to hate speech and criminal practice.

To this regards, We would like to petition SANPark and Western Cape Heritage for the following actions of the Vandalism of the cutting off of part of the CJ Rhodes Head at Rhodes Memorial 19 July 2020. The section of head was found by a FORM Member and handed into SANParks on 23 July 2020. To date despite email requests and meetings of over a month – there has been no press release, strategy by SANParks (Mr. Wana Bacela, Regional Head San Parks) to do their duty and place the head back,and prevent further vandalism to the memorial.

As Friends of Rhodes Memorial (FORM) We would like to petition the following:

1. Recognize Friends of Rhodes Memorial (FORM) as a vital grassroots level volunteer organisation – they would financially pay for the 3D scanning, repairs and security rail.

2. 3D Scan and create a duplicate head as backup to further attacks.

3. Weld back the head of Rhodes on its torso

4. Create a shoulder high railing in front of the Statue to protect it from further vandalism

5. Increase security in the Monument, as well as bring the vandals to justice who are known by various political organisations.