Rhodes Mem Freedom Day Flash Mop 27 April possibly postponed to SANParks finishing up landworks


Dear Friends of Rhodes Memorial and Friends

SANParks have stated today in a somewhat brash reply to FORM’s request for a Flash Mop – that “’Please be advised that the Rhodes Memorial area is currently closed till further notice.  ‘

This is unfortunate as SANParks, I believe, could have used the event to accommodate a huge outpouring of public support from all walks of life– (We have coverage in News 24, and an invite to Expresso the TV Mag). This also comes in a time where some locals feel that SANParks could have done more to prevent the fire. See Cape Etc article: https://www.capetownetc.com/news/another-finger-pointed-at-sanparks-friends-of-table-mountain-speak-up/

We are waiting on a SANParks Meeting on the Monday 26th to know when they are planning to re-open the Memorial and then be able to plan a Flash Mop. At this stage we might well have to postpone the Flash Mop to Saturday 01 May 2021 (May Day) . In a positive spin maybe this will give us – more time to promote the event.

Either way We will keep you in the loop – you are very welcome to add your name to our mailing list at info@friendsofrhodesmemorial.co.za

Best Friends Regards!

Gabriel Clark-Brown

Friends of Rhodes Memorial


Perhaps it would be an entertaining idea to transfer The Table Mountain Park and indeed Rhodes Memorial and other neglected  Cape Heritage treasures to the Western Cape Province. Lastly we are thinking of forming  forming a small party of observers to monitor the situation, please let us know if you are interested