Secrets in Rhodes Memorial

Both Architects and Masons throughout the ages have always put their personal signatures into work from the pyramids, temples and Rhodes Memorial has its own share of secrets.


49 Steps

There are 49 stairs from the base to Rhodes Memorial to the top platform to represent Rhodes 49 short years.


The 3 fingered Hand Cement Impression

This impression might be a pun, there might well have been a builder with 3 fingers- stone masonry was though back then.


The Dungeons

It would be nice of SANParks to open up the stairs leading to the roof, many a child has peered through the grill to imagine beasts and demons lurking in the shadows.

Cecil and Princess Radziwill Bench

This bench was probably favoured by young lovers as it is behind the bush infront of the memorial, the bench is well made and a slay type of design (The UCT Rhodes Sculpture chair could have come from the same suit. The bench is neglected and old sitting on two rocks with the names of lovers lovingly etched in the wood. Russel the branches when approaching you might disturb young lovers, or people enjoying the view.

The Chapel behind Rhodes Memorial

Its somewhat of a surprise that there is a complex of Church at the back of Rhodes Memorial. It would be interesting to know why it was built, until recently many a wedding took place.

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