Donate & Get


Because we are an independent voluntary organisation not reliant on any government organisation, we still need to buy black plastic bags, tea, photocopy leaflets etc. We would welcome your donation to assist to keep the monument in good world class condition.

We would offer you the following for your donation :

R 100 a Wall of Fame Bronze

R 200-500 Wall of Fame Silver

R 500- R1 000 Wall of Fame Silver

R 1 000- 2 000 Wall of Fame Gold

R 2 000 we will send you a Rhodes Memorial Lion (42cm x 18cm)

R 5 000 we will send you a bust of Cecil John Rhodes (42cm x 30cm

*We would factor in World Wide Courier minimal costs over and above the kind donation.

Due to increasing fraud in SA Fraud, we would only release our banking details on request. 

Donate via PayPal

Please feel welcome to donate to us via PayPal, email us your donation and name and we would love to place it on our website – alternatively we will keep your name and amount donated confidential if you like. Thank you! Best, Gabriel Brown, Holding Company ArtLife for Friends of Rhodes Memorial