Heritage Day: A Great Flash Mop at Rhodes

Heritage Day Rhodes Memorial Flash Mop was a great success given the short notice (The head was put on Wednesday).

We were blessed by over 20 people who came, scrubbed and went. We mopped and scrubbed the granite, as well as weeded and picked up litter from 11-1 and now the Memorial smells fresh and clean.

We received many well wishes about cleaning up, looked like everyone loves the memorial, all people races and ages.

Regarding the proposed statue removal announcement of numerous sculptures, it seems that the desperate ANC is looking for someone to demonize, in order to take the attention away from their failed and corrupt government (They cant even look after their own hero’s graves- see sad condition of Sol Plaatje and Cradock 4 memorials) . Even if the ANC took down the statue, the name, deeds and life’s work of Rhodes will way outlive the ANC, EFF and any other SA Party, just like the National Party before.

Either way we where really happy to clean the monument and it gave us a huge amount of pleasure for the day. Email us here to find out the next Flash Mob date info@friendsofrhodesmemorial.co.za